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The fellas at RORSCHACH – COMICS READING GROUP (a book club, really, but aimed at comic books and graphic novels) have just finished reading Peter Kuper’s (Franz Kafka’s) The Metamorphosis.

That’s ‘We, the fellas’, by the way. I got late to the meeting, though, so I had no time to write a full text like the others. Still, here are my notes.

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  • Emmanuel Rios Pacheco: 4 años después. Si jajaja soy de la plata, ya estoy entrando en tu blog. Saludos!
  • santiveron: :D thanks a lot emmanuel! you certainly made my day. by the way, have you checked my blog in spanish? porque supon
  • Emmanuel Rios Pacheco: I haven't seen that book in ages! You brought back some very pleasent memories, neither Marcos nor I thought that story will made it into the book, ba