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(Written on Sunday Nov 14, 2010)

I went to see Los Talentos last night, the play by Agustín Mendilaharzu and Walter Jakob. I was told I was especially going to like it and it was true: the main characters are twentysomethings who are a cross between intellectuals and nerds.

The first time I watched “Kill Bill 2” I jumped out of my seat at the scene where the characters discuss Superman and superheroes. In a story so full of references and homages, a superhero one felt like a puzzle piece taking its place. It was an element that engaged me in the ultimate way; that made feel the world of the story was part of my own background. Last night I felt the same during one scene.

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  • Emmanuel Rios Pacheco: 4 años después. Si jajaja soy de la plata, ya estoy entrando en tu blog. Saludos!
  • santiveron: :D thanks a lot emmanuel! you certainly made my day. by the way, have you checked my blog in spanish? porque supon
  • Emmanuel Rios Pacheco: I haven't seen that book in ages! You brought back some very pleasent memories, neither Marcos nor I thought that story will made it into the book, ba