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A few years ago, Argentine newspaper Clarín published Biblioteca Clarín de la historieta, a collection that made fundamental episodes of classic comic books available at a fair price. The range of the selection was as diverse as Patoruzú or X-Men,  but Clarín published them all in a format that wasn’t proportional to almost none of them. In the local comic book circles (¿the historieta circles?), the Biblioteca gained a reputation of grotesque, the panels on its pages always alternating the subsized with the augmented.

A few months ago, Clarín published a much more beautiful Biblioteca Corto Maltés. (I’m not sure that’s what they called it, but let’s roll with it.) These adventures of the sailor Corto Maltese appeared in colour, elegantly sized, with synergy between all the elements; some of them never before published in Spanish. It was sad to read Ballad of the Salt Sea again to realize it could fit perfectly: after all, both

collections had the same page size. Yet everything worked perfectly on the second one, and horribly on the first. Now I haven’t measured the actual page size in numbers (sorry), but as far as internal layering goes, the other adventure from the first collection. Tango: Y todo a media luz, is composed of up to six panels per page, in three rows of two. It was one of the few comics that fit the page well the first time around.

6 panels is not the the standard for vertical pages. It's a classic on horizontals, though: think Mafalda.

To recap, Tango should appear exactly the same on the Biblioteca Clarín de la historieta and the Biblioteca Corto Maltés. That’s theory; in practice, let’s take a look at the final page on each.

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  • Emmanuel Rios Pacheco: 4 años después. Si jajaja soy de la plata, ya estoy entrando en tu blog. Saludos!
  • santiveron: :D thanks a lot emmanuel! you certainly made my day. by the way, have you checked my blog in spanish? porque supon
  • Emmanuel Rios Pacheco: I haven't seen that book in ages! You brought back some very pleasent memories, neither Marcos nor I thought that story will made it into the book, ba